90,35 hectares land for sale in Küdema, Saaremaa, Estonia


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We are offering an opportunity to buy a large piece of Saaremaa.
A total of 90,35 hectares of forest land, agricultural land and grassland.

The property is situated in the Küdema area within the Mustjala parish. The land has road access.  A well known cruise ship port, Küdema port, is located nearby.

A very rare opportunity to buy property with superb dimensions – width (from east to west) of land is  1.2 km and height (from north to south) is 1.0 km.

What can you buy?

• 90.35 hectares of land. The property comprises of 76.4 hectares of forest land, 8.15 hectares of agricultural land (supported by EU PRIA agricultural grants) and 1.58 hectares of grassland.

According to the Forest Management Plan the new owner can fell 8,799 c/m of timber from the total amount of growing forest which is  12,225 c/m.

 After the purchase of 90,4 hectares of land, possible profits from the first harvest  are approximately 254,591 euros (8,799 x 29eur)

The remaining amount of growing forest will be 3,679 c/m of timber.

 An excellent investment opportunity in Saaremaa, Estonia.

 * Disclaimer: These prices are indicative, only for informational purposes and final prices will vary with contract terms on current timber prices, additional costs and market conditions.



Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us

Forest info  

The volume of growing stock on the forest land is 12225 c/m
Annual growth is 317c/m
The recommended amount of use of timber is 8817 c/m

76.4 ha of forest land is divided into:
Predominant timber type:
Pine 30,0 ha
Birch 25.3 ha
Spruce 9,2 ha
Ash 4.4 ha
Grey alder 4,0 ha
Aspen 3.1 ha
Bare areas 0.4 ha

According to development class:
Mature forests 37.0 ha
Near-mature forests  5,4 ha
Middle-aged forests 13,7 ha
Young unthinned forests 9,8 ha
Young forests 10.1 ha


12,225 cubic metres of growing stock
on the forest land is divided by species:

Pine 3968 c/m
Spruce 3182 c/m
Birch 2328 c/m
Grey alder 997c/m
Aspen 849 c/m
Ash 413 c/m
Alder 270 c/m
Oak 193 c/m
Weeping willow 25 c/m

8799 cubic metres of felled forest reserve
is divided by species:

Pine 3199 c/m
Spruce 2757c/m
Birch 1272 c/m
Grey alder 670 c/m
Aspen 606 c/m
Alder 197c/m
Other 98 c/m

 Download forest management plan (metsamajandamiskava) in PDF. (0.77 MB)


Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us

About Saaremaa

Saaremaa - an exciting island

Saaremaa is the largest island in Estonia, measuring 2,673 km2 is known as a good recreation place with unique nature and a lot of sights. Saaremaa has retained its uniqueness due to its location and insula- tion. In the villages there are still stone fences and houses with thatched roofs, beautiful national costumes and dialectal language are still used. Junipers, dolomite, windmills and the famous local home-brewed beer are considered the symbols of Saaremaa. The highest point on the island is 54 m above sea level. One particularly interesting feature found on the island is the Kaali crater.

Many hunters find their way to Saaremaa due to the highest density of wild animals in forests of Estonia. Bigger games include elk, roe deer, deer and wild boar. Saaremaa and Hiiumaa have the highest popula- tions of red deer, a highly desirable target for hunters. The deer-hunting season lasts from September to January and deer antlers have become a coveted trophy for hunters. With minor restrictions, the wild boar can be hunted all year round. The mild climate has boosted the boar population, which is rather annoying, since the boars are a serious threat for local hay fields and potato crops. Large numbers of migration birds make Saaremaa a paradise of bird hunters. The most popular quarries are ducks and geese, but the begin- ning of woodcock season bring hunters from as far as France, Italy and Great Britain.

There are 15 harbours, where you can sail by yacht in Saaremaa. Kuivastu, Triigi and Saaremaa harbour are ferry- and shipline harbours. The airport locates in Kuressaare town. Due to its favourable geographical location on the north-western coast of the island, Saaremaa Harbour has potential to host regional cruises and also to develop regular passenger lines between Scandinavia and Saaremaa Island.

Approximately 55% of Saare county is covered with forests, this means that about 7,3% of Estonia’s total forest area is located in Saaremaa. By 2015 Saare county’s forest cover growth is projected to 60%.

Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us


Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us





Village: Küdema
Parish: Mustjala
County: Saaremaa
Plot: 90,35ha
Cadastral: 48301:002:0603


Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us


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Summary    Forest info     About Saaremaa     Pictures     Location     Points of interest     Contact us

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